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Charlotte Gadsby

Tower of PisaA few years back, on a New Year’s vacation trip to the Bahamas, Charlotte diligently checked the weather forecast every day, and the prediction was for nothing but warm and sunny conditions. Having packed accordingly, Mother Nature decided to play a cruel trick, and a storm rolled in the same day she arrived and it was nothing but rainy, cold and windy for the majority of her stay. On the final day of the trip the sun finally decided to show up, and Charlotte was able to sport something other than the long pants and sweater intended only to be worn on the flight home!

The first vacation Charlotte can recall is a family trip to Disneyland that her grandparents sent them on after selling the vacation cabin up in Penticton. She wore her “Charlotte Hornets” baseball cap every day, and rode the Indiana Jones ride about a hundred times! To this day she still has her autograph book signed by all the Disney characters, with a special fondness for the Snow White signature obtained after an exhaustive search and only secured on the final day of the trip!

Charlotte loves New York City! She was greatly impressed by the sheer size of the Manhattan skyscrapers, particularly in and around Times Square. And she is quick to point out that a trip to NYC would not be complete without visiting Central Park, a man-made landscaping architecture masterpiece since 1873.

As a final wise word of advice, Charlotte cautions that while moonlit ocean swims in Mexico might seem like a great idea at the time, however its extremely hard to notice a swarm of jellyfish that might also have the same idea!