Meet the Partners

This dynamic group of partners brings a unique style of management. They lead with creativity and flexibility, honesty and insight. From diverse backgrounds, Deirdre, Cheryl and Grant each bring varying skillsets and areas of experience to create a unified leadership style that inspires staff and pleases clients. From first days of sole ownership in 1995 to a thriving partnership now, Forbes has emerged as one of BC’s leading agencies. No small wonder.


Deirdre Baxter    Corporate Partner

Deirdre 2It was an excursion to an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland, on New Year’s Eve 1990 where Deirdre had a revelation. Up until then, she thought she hated curry, but there was no way out of attending this festive celebration. At the restaurant, she was advised that Rogan Josh was the least “curry-ish”, so she gamely gave it a try, and ended up trying everyone else’s dinners, and discovered SHE LOVED CURRY! Now she just needs a visit to her favourite cuisine’s birthplace, India, to seal the deal!

Her most memorable vacation as a child was the time her father took a four month sabbatical, and her parents pulled her and her three siblings out of school. They then embarked on a cross-USA tour, followed by a flight to the UK, and then back to Canada, where they towed a trailer crosscountry, listening to six different eight-track tapes the whole way!

Her first real job was slinging food at the PNE at the age of 12. Her 15 year-old sister got a job first, then the two of them convinced their mom that Deirdre would be safe working alongside her. She will never forget those two weeks, it was quite the eye-opener. Deirdre’s favourite website these days is, where she says one can find literally a million photos to help the avid renovator get ideas!


Grant Hurrle  –  Corporate Partner

Iguassu FallsGrant once flew 36 hours roundtrip, from Vancouver via San Francisco and Cincinnati to Zurich, to spend just 72 hours on the ground and be the best man at his friend’s wedding in Basel, Switzerland. He had just started a new job and hadn’t yet earned time off!

His first travel memory was a family train trip to Philadelphia at age 3, with all the excitement of sleeping in a berth, and walking between carriages of the moving train! One of Grant’s most treasured travel memories was witnessing the rainbow created by the full moon rising above Iguassu Falls in Brazil, unique to guests of the Orient Express Hotel das Cataratas, and only viewable for three or four days each month!

His most relaxing vacation, taken three times now, has been a week at the Waimea Plantation Cottages in Kauai. He describes it as a perfect place for someone who loves hiking, golf, snorkelling, and the independent, unfussed cottage lifestyle.    

Grant enjoys books written by John Irving and Margaret Atwood. Being a bit of a film movie buff, he likes visiting, sometimes just to read the more scathing reviews of trashy movies!


Cheryl Green  –  Corporate Partner


One of Cheryl’s fondest travel memories was courtesy of Continental Airlines, and their legendary “Pub in the Sky”! A spur-of-the-moment officewide decision resulted in nearly the entire office being picked up by limo on a Friday afternoon and driven to YVR, where they were whisked away to Hawaii! The “Pub in the Sky” was located in the middle of the plane, where people gathered to enjoy a few drinks, smoke (!) and socialize. The group enjoyed a Saturday on the beach, and then right back to Vancouver on the Sunday morning. Talk about your jetsetters!

Cheryl will be the first to admit that she doesn’t have the greatest “sea legs”, easily succumbing to seasickness. On a trip to New Zealand’s Abel Tasman National Park, they decided to take a boating daytrip on what seemed at first to be very calm seafaring day. Unfortunately, the weather soon turned windy and stormy, and even on the top deck, waves were clearing the bow and hitting them in the face. The bottom line being that the relaxing boat trip turned into a five and a half hour hike back from the first possible stop!

Her experience with exotic animals ranges from riding them (an elephant in Chiang Mai, Thailand), to eating them (ostrich, crocodile, camel and more at The Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi).

For Cheryl, it’s always been a fun and wonderful career path, working with friends all the way, from her first job scooping Baskin Robbins ice cream to corporate partner at Forbes Travel.