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First-hand knowledge is invaluable when it comes to providing top notch travel advice. We invite you to pick our brains on some of the places we have been across the globe.

Vietnam with Vanora

In view of the fact that a destructive typhoon paid a visit to Vietnam before I did, I would like to start by thanking the weather gods for the relief. Apparently heavy rains continued to soak parts of the region, but my experience was to be, both literally and figuratively, a sunny one.

Considering Vietnam was on my radar for many years, it was interesting just how little I knew what to expect. Anyway, I love Asia - and Vietnam did not let me down.

Even independent travellers such as myself sometimes like the idea of not having to think or plan! I enjoy travelling with and without companions, but being alone this time around, I considered joining a tour group, realizing budget might come into play, given single supplements can be quite hefty (and can almost pay for another holiday).

Puerto Los Cabos with Christine

Puerto Los Cabos, located on the Sea of Cortez and only a five minute drive from San Jose del Cabo and 40 minute drive from Los Cabos is one of the newest up-and-coming vacation destinations for those seeking a more relaxed setting. A master-planned resort destination, Puerto Los Cabos is a mixture of gated residential communities, golf courses and a world class marina offering deep sea fishing excursions for those wanting to experience the thrill of catching 'the big one.'


Croatia with Lisa

Having never been to Croatia, and only having one week to travel around, we decided to stay in the north of the country, so that we would only have short drives between the places we were wanting to visit.

With over 320 sunny days annually, Croatia really is a year-round destination. However, peak season is from the end of June until the end of August when most of the tourists come to Croatia, mostly for the sea and sun type of vacation. If you are planning to visit during these months, the popular spots like Split, Dubrovnik, and Zagreb will be crowded. To get the most of a Croatian vacation, maybe consider travelling during September and early October, or from April to beginning of June when you’ll avoid the crowds.

Peru with Grant

Found high on many people’s bucket list is the Inca “lost city” of Machu Picchu, and even with such lofty expectations, it certainly did not disappoint. However, our exploration of Peru leading up to Machu Picchu was a very worthwhile adventure on its own.

We arrived into Lima on a nonstop red-eye flight from Los Angeles onboard a very comfortable LATAM Dreamliner Boeing 787-800. The lie-flat business class seats, meal service and amenities were all top notch. Jet lag is nearly non-existant on the enhanced cabin conditions found on the Dreamliner, and being able to fully recline under a cosy duvet, it’s easy to achieve a well-rested state during this nearly eight hour flight. Read More...

France, Italy and Monaco with Fabyo (Part two)

July 1st started with a quick bite to eat and a short drive to Nice airport for our flight to Venice. Everything was going well until we went to the Easyjet counter to drop our bags off, only to find out that our flight scheduled to depart in just over an hour had been cancelled. Their customer service was quite atrocious and I will never book them again. Without getting into every single unpleasant detail of what ended up happening after that, we ended up buying last minute tickets on Lufthansa connecting in Frankfurt, but our flight from Venice to Frankfurt was delayed and we ended up missing our connection. Read More...

France, Italy and Monaco with Fabyo (Part one)

I had never been to France or Italy before, so I chose an itinerary starting in Paris and ending in Rome, to give me a taste of both countries. Between the two we went to Gordes in Provence, Monaco, Venice and Florence, doing the “in-between” transportation mostly by train or car, with the leg from Nice to Venice by plane. Here’s how it went! Read More...

Maui with Lisa

After the heavy rains of Vancouver’s spring, an island getaway was required and delightfully therapeutic. It is quite remarkable what a little island breeze and some warm sunshine does for the spirit. Vitamin D in tablet form in no way compares to warm Hawaiian sunshine infusing your body, so the opportunity for a four-night getaway to Maui fit the bill wonderfully.

I’ve always recommended that travellers rent a car in Maui. It is a big island so you will need it if you want to explore or golf. And once you start adding up shuttles, taxis and bus fares over the course of 7-14 days it often is the more economical option. However for this trip we only had three full days on the island so we decided to try the pedestrian route.

China with Grant

I had been to China once before on an organized fam trip, over ten years ago, but my partner had China high up on his bucket list, so it seemed like a good time for a return visit. While Shanghai and Beijing remained on the “must see” list, we also spent some time in Guilin and Xian, two cities I hadn’t visited previously. December turned out to be a good month for our trip, as the crowds were sparse, and the weather was mostly fine. Read More...