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First-hand knowledge is invaluable when it comes to providing top notch travel advice. We invite you to pick our brains on some of the places we have been across the globe.

Negril – Jamaica with Katie

My fam trip was to beautiful Negril, Jamaica where I was fortunate enough to spend seven nights in the wonderful resort of Beaches Negril.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Sandals/Beaches staff members and escorted to our private transportation to start our 90 minute scenic drive from Montego Bay to Negril. The staff were all very friendly and organized and entertained us on our way.

Upon arrival we were greeted with cold hand towels and a glass of champagne while we filled out some paper work, no long check in lines for us, which was much appreciated and such a nice touch.

Uniworld River Cruise – Provence/Burgundy with Manya

Provence and Burgundy conjure up lavender fields, endless vineyards, relaxed pace of life. It is all of that and much more: history, art and culture, gastronomy that make these two regions so popular with tourists.

I flew to Paris on the nonstop Air France flight from Vancouver. With an early morning arrival at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I was able to catch a 10am TVG train right from Terminal 2 at CDG to Avignon. Three hours later, I checked in at the lovely Hotel de L’Horloge in the centre of town, on a bed and breakfast basis and a perfect location to walk to the Palais des Papes and to the famous bridge Le Pont D’Avignon.

Honolulu, Hawaii with Lisa

A quick getaway to Honolulu Hawaii to get some much needed sun!


Using our frequent flier points, we flew United Airlines via LAX on the outbound and SFO on the return. On the outbound we upgraded our seats to economy plus seats. Do not confuse this with any type of premium economy service, you get an extra 4 inches of legroom at the front of the plane behind the business class section. It is very nice to have the extra legroom if you are travelling with someone 5’11 or over. On the return we chose to stick with the seats we had, I was fine being 5’5” but my 6’ travelling companion was a tad squished. United charges for bags when you check them, I found that almost everyone had “carry on” luggage to avoid the fee. Read More...

7-Day Eastern Caribbean Cruise Onboard Norwegian Escape With Vanora

When your introduction to cruising is onboard small exclusive vessels like Azamara & Paul Gauguin, as mine was, you might be inclined to shun the idea of mega-ships. But there's a time and a place for every type of vacation, and since I was travelling with a couple of friends, I welcomed the concept of a floating city. Although I greatly enjoyed those earlier intimate sailings with only a few hundred passengers, boutique ships are not for everyone. With most guests being seniors and retirees, wild fun & entertainment (for example) appears to be not high on the list of priorities, which brings me to my own experience on the Norwegian Escape. Read More...

Las Vegas & Grand Canyon with Lisa

Las Vegas as a getaway doesn’t have to be just about the casinos and flashy lights and restaurants on Las Vegas Blvd. There are many things to do in Las Vegas that do not involve gambling.

Now, perhaps we were crazy to go in June, but that can’t possibly be the hottest time, can it? With temperatures climbing closer to 45C it turns out that our trip was in the hottest June in Las Vegas history. They’ve been keeping records since 1937. Read More...

Dubai with Christine

“Amazing!” that's the one word that comes to mind when I think back on my visit to Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai, has been one bucket list destination I have longed to visit and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The UAE is a small country, only 83,600 square metres, and is home to ten million residents. Two million of those reside in Dubai. What shocked me the most as I learned more about the UAE is that only 11% of the population are Emirati Read More...

Tanzania with Igor

Being the largest country in East Africa, Tanzania offers a wide variety of things to do for a variety of travellers. While world-famous Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa's highest peak and the world's highest free-standing mountain) is one of the country's main attractions, Tanzania offers so much more. With its stunning landscapes and spectacular diversity of its wildlife, safari in Tanzania is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. There is a multitude of companies providing a wide variety of safari options for every taste and budget all year round. And for those looking for an exotic beach vacation, will find it on a spice island of Zanzibar and on Tanzania’s coast.

There are a number of tips I have in regards to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, but for the country in general, here are a few useful tips: Read More...

Uniworld’s Parisian Holiday Seine River Cruise with Stephen

Traveling to Paris in December 2015, the still-recent November 13th terrorist attacks were obviously on our minds, but we refused to let these misinformed terrorists dictate our travel plans. Many thought this was not the time to go to France, while others thought it was the best time to visit. I obviously agree with the latter since right after a tragedy, a destination is usually much safer due to heightened security.

During our visit, France was on high alert. Security was very noticeably beefed up. Paris was being patrolled by unprecedented numbers of security, police and military personnel, especially in crowded areas, public transport, and places frequented by tourists, including monuments, museums, markets and large shopping centers, stores and and religious sites. We often passed squads of six or eight soldiers with semi-automatic weapons. Sights like this were more the norm than not, not only in Paris, but all over France. At major stores, malls and public buildings, security guards and police examined every bag, scanning our bodies and asked us to open our coats to make sure that we were not carrying any bombs! Read More...