The Corporate Travel Team

These seasoned travel professionals know what it takes to please their corporate clients. They’re committed to finding customized solutions. They execute complex plans perfectly. And they seek unique ways to help enhance your plans even more. It’s an approach and a style, an attitude and a level of experience. However detailed your travel requirements and whether it’s getting your CEO to Delhi or the whole company on a weekend conference, you’ll be glad you’ve got Forbes Travel working for you.

Christine Satre-Addessi  –  Senior Corporate Consultant

Christine1Christine’s calm demeanor likely stems in part from some of her more memorable travel experiences. Her first memorable trip, at the age of 9, was a two-week family holiday to Disneyland and California, during which she experienced her first earthquake. Another earth-shaking moment occurred in the Masai Mara in Kenya, when she was awoken at 2am by a herd of elephants trampling within inches of their tent!

She is a big fan of Italy and its cuisine. Her visit to the Amalfi Coast remains tops on her list of  places she’s visited, and one of her favourite foods is fresh burrata, a mozzarella with a rich creamy filling.

As a corporate travel consultant, she hasn’t strayed too far from her childhood wish to be a detective! In her spare time, Christine loves reading books of all kinds. A true free-spirit, her best vacations are the ones with no schedules, warm weather, and sandy beaches.


Fabyo Brenner Araujo  –  Senior Corporate Consultant


Many of Fabyo’s travel memories stem from his country of birth, Brazil. His earliest recollection of travel was a family car trip at the age of 5, to Iguassu Falls, whose thunderous volume left him gripping the railings as tight as possible.

Fabyo says that Coqueirinho (Little Coconut Palm) Beach near João Pessoa, Brazil, is one of the most amazing beaches he’s ever seen. Having nearly white sand, beautiful turquoise waters, gentle rolling waves, all contrasting with a background of multicoloured clay hills, it’s a truly stunning vista!

A rustic beach house on Zumbi Beach (a small fishing village on Brazil’s north coast) was the setting for his most relaxing vacation ever. No TV, no internet, no cellphone coverage, just lots of freshly caught seafood bought right on the beach, and sleeping in a hammock on the verandah every night.

Fabyo loves London for its impressive architecture and vibrant theatre scene, with great shopping and a wide variety of restaurants making it such a completely satisfying destination. His career path started early with a paper route at age 11, and a job as an office boy at age 12. And a childhood dream of becoming an astronaut is still on the back burner, awaiting the arrival of Virgin Galactic!


Igor Crystal – Senior Corporate Consultant


Igor is a big fan of Mexico, both the country and its cuisine! His favourite trip of all time was to an all-inclusive resort in Playa del Carmen, where he fell in love with the laid-back atmosphere, the swaying palms, and one of the best beaches in the world. On the other side of Mexico, he literally found a true hidden gem, the appropriately named Hidden Beach. This beach, located on the Marieta Islands, at the entrance to Banderas Bay, is just off the coast of Puerto Vallarta. Only during low tide can you swim to this secluded paradise!

The most arduous trip he has ever taken was the one that brought him from Russia to Vancouver. It involved multiple forms of transportation, namely bus, overnight train, metro, airplanes, taxis, and nearly 48 hours without sleep, including overnight inside Moscow’s Shermetyevo Airport. The most unusual form of transportation he’s ever experienced was as a passenger onboard a cycle rickshaw in Peru.

Igor enjoys playing tennis when the weather permits, and computer games when it doesn’t. He reads medical thrillers and adventure novels by his favourite authors, James Rollins and Clive Cussler. As a math and science fan, Albert Einstein remains the one person he most wishes he could have met.


Katie Bittner  –  Senior Corporate Consultant

Katie NY 2

Katie holds the office record for waiting in a queue. She spent 14 hours lined up, overnight, to get her daughter, Lauren, into their kindergarten of choice!

A real Jamaica buff, Katie was so bowled over by the staff and ambiance at Couples Negril, that she’s been back there multiple times. She states that the jerk chicken that you can find in Jamaica still rates at the top of her favourite meals of all time list.

A perfect Sunday afternoon would find Katie at the park, watching Lauren play, or curled up at home reading a really good book. When she finally gets around to taking her trip-of-a-lifetime, it will no doubt be an extended visit to South Africa, and will be sure to include a safari!


Lisa McLean Knotts  –  Senior Corporate Consultant

LKnotts2Indirectly, Lisa’s first job as a waitress at “Londoner’s Fish & Chips” at age 14 launched her lifelong career in travel. It was from those steady (if meagre) paycheques that she funded herself on a school trip to London, and the travelbug bit her hard for the first time!

Along the way, Lisa’s inquisitive nature has taken her to such special places as Sintra, Portugal. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a beautiful village with winding streets, narrow alleys and whitewashed buildings perched atop a hillside, with many museums and amazing views. Lisa stumbled upon Sintra in 1992, and vows to return one day.

If she could meet anyone from the past or present, it would be Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter. Lisa herself is an avid knitter, and she recommends the website Ravelry for anyone with a similar passion. An invaluable member of the Forbes team, Lisa has come a long way since being named “most improved student” in grade 4!


Vanora Wanner  –  Senior Corporate Consultant

Vanora - Tahiti Paul Gauguin cruiseFor Vanora, distance is irrelevant. She’ll travel half way around the world for four nights, if it allows her more time to visit other destinations! This philosophy towards travel has recently taken her to such far-flung places as Buenos Aires, Japan, India, UAE (Dubai), Thailand and China. Along the way, she’s ridden elephants twice, been enchanted by the hauntingly beautiful Okunoin cemetery in Koyasan, Japan, and experienced such bitter cold at the Great Wall of China that her hands were too numb to operate her camera!

Her first travel memory is a visit to Hawaii at the age of 4, falling in love with guava juice, and getting lost in the crowd on Waikiki Beach. With a childhood dream of being a choreographer, and a first part-time job in a souvenir store, her chosen career as a corporate travel consultant is a hybrid coordination of people, places and movement.

Vanora loves the relaxing and liberating concept of all-inclusive vacations, allowing her to be free of schedules, wallets, and food rules. She loves visiting all sorts of tropical places, and high on her wishlist remains South Africa.