Australia with Lisbet

Agent Name: Lisbet MacKay
Date: January 1993
Trip Location: Australia
Places Visited: Brisbane, Heron Island on the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne.

Australia - LisbetkangaroosOverall Impression: Great country, we enjoyed everything. Brisbane has many beautiful sandstone buildings, many of them built with cheap convict labour. Heron Island was something unique. The water teemed with all kinds of life and so did the island. The amount of bird life had to be seen (and heard) to be believed. After visiting Sydney which was everything we imagined, we drove from Sydney to Canberra and from there to Melbourne. It was nice to get a sense of the country outside the big cities.

Most Memorable Moments: Going for an evening stroll along the beach on Heron Island and coming across what looked like tractor tracks only to find it was some of the giant sea turtles that had crawled up on land and were now digging the holes to lay their eggs. The war museum in Canberra was very moving. Sitting in the evening at a waterfront restaurant in Sydney with a view of the Opera House with lightning flashing in the sky, it was surreal.

Australia - LisbetHeron IslandLocal Food: We were so impressed with the food, wine and service in Australia. There was great variety and almost every meal we had was great.

Travel Tips: Lots of sunscreen, hats, light clothing that you can change and wash often as it gets very hot. For Heron Island earplugs at night for when the birds return from the sea for the night and make an incredible amount of noise, when do they sleep!

Best Time to Travel: Anytime from October to March

Things to buy: Wine, opals, sheepskins