Costa Rica with Charlotte

Beach ClubPlaces Visited: Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has tons to offer for all ages. The purpose of our visit was to attend the wedding ceremony of some friends. Unfortunately, due to the illness of the plane’s co-pilot, our flight from Toronto was delayed and we missed the actual ceremony, arriving just in time for the reception!

We stayed at La Posada, located inside a gated community called Hacienda Pinilla which hosts a JW Marriott, a number of villas, residential properties, a golf course and our hotel. Most days were spent at the Hacienda Beach club golden care pharmacy niagara falls canada which is free access for anyone staying/living inside the grounds. Enjoying the quieter, laid-back days, I read and relaxed by the pool at my hotel while the guys golfed.


Our first night out with the new bride and

groom we went into Tamarindo to watch the bull rodeo (very popular with the locals). The bride told us stories of her attending the rodeo with her family since she was a little girl. It was a blast, watching everyone who is “brave” enough to hop into the pens with the bulls and try to remain unscathed. There is a famous bull in Costa Rica and he is fully trained; he sits and lays down on command and also can take back a full beer faster then anyone I know. The food there was great; oddly enough they had some of the best chow mein I’ve ever eaten.

The next morning we woke up early for a paddle-boarding excursion down a river in the Costa Rican jungle, about a 30 minute drive from the hotel. After a quick run-through from the instructor, we were off. It was my first time paddle-boarding but it will not be my last! After we were told there could possibly be crocodiles in the river I was determined not to fall off my board, which fortunately no-one in our group of twelve did. After the paddle-board it was time for some lunch. On our drive back to the hotel our friend directed us to Macdonald. This is not the McDonalds you’re thinking of, but rather a small local restaurant which served traditional Costa Rica dishes; consisting of salad, beans, rice and your choice of protein.


Our last scheduled group activity was a day out on the ocean in a catamaran we rented and the hosts of the boat were fellow Canadians! They had an open bar and served us snacks of chips and salsa, and delicious house viagra como tomar made guacamole. Once the boat anchored off the shore of a private beach there was snorkeling available for anyone interested. The host brought over a puffer fish he had found for us on the boat to see, and watching the little guy deflate afterwards was great. Another host had caught some fresh oysters for everyone on the boat to try. After the snorkelers returned, they made us a lunch of chicken fajitas. As we were returning we all watched the sunset from the boat before climbing into the small motor boat which takes us back to shore.

La Posada

My overall impression of Coast Rica was fantastic. A few spider run-ins were the only downside. The temperature approached 35-40 degrees, but the

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big breezes blowing onshore made the heat more then bearable. One morning we were woken up by a group of howler monkeys, who didn’t like to see the guests sleep in too late! We tried to give the mothers and their little babies some banana but they weren’t very interested.

The local cuisine they called “Typico” is a must try and we made a trip to the supermarket for a few meals to cook back at our suite. I highly suggest renting a car to get to town and also so you do not need to rely on the shuttles to get around Hacienda which run only about once every hour. The hotel has free wi-fi but the signal is sporadic, being strongest cialis pills for sale around the pool/restaurant cialis after viagra areas.