Disneyworld with Deirdre

Agent Name: Deirdre Manley
Date: Spring Break 2007
Trip Location: Orlando, Florida

DSC01613How to Get There: Call me crazy, but I thought the idea of using the same number of air miles to get to Florida instead of California was good value. I still think it was a great plan, even now that we are back. My husband and I took our three sons (3, 5, 8 years old) for 8 nights during one of the busiest times of the year. We survived and don’t regret it, but desperately needed some rest upon returning.
We travelled on United via Chicago in both directions – both full travel days. The flights were on time, well serviced, and I thought their “for purchase” mini meal boxes were great, though I did have a sack of snacks and PB & J sandwiches for the kids.

Place Visited:

Disneyworld is huge, 47 miles in circumference, and there is tons to do at the Disney parks – Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, MGM Studios, Epcot, and Downtown Disney, the two water parks and other activities and sites to see. We stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, right on the Magic Kingdom monorail and lagoon, and had a spectacular view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks while sitting on the beach.


We had pre-booked and prepaid for everything, including transfers, accommodation, Disney passes, including the “hopper” feature (being able to visit more than one park in a day), the water parks and the Disney dining plan. We had bought some breakfast staples with us, so we were pretty much covered. I truly did not shell out a dime for a snack, meal or drink in 8 days (other than the occassional beer for medicinal purposes)

Disney’s really got it all worked out, the transportation system made up of boat, buses and monorails makes getting around easy. There is a huge number of staff (or cast members) ensuring that everything is clean and runs smoothly, from the hotel concierge, to restaurant servers, to attraction operators.

DSC01587I would recommend going when your kids are at least 40″ tall (our 3 year old just met this mark., and even went on the “Tower of Terror”), when they have little patience, and when they are old enough to enjoy multi-media presentations from 3D films, to sidewalk shows, to interactive games, to fireworks extravaganzas. If your kids are still really young, and it is Winnie the Pooh you are after, you might consider Disneyland in California.
Top 5 Tips:

  1. Plan at least a week or you will have to go back.
  2. Make dinner reservations – you can do so up to 180 days in advance, particularily if you want to include one of the three dinner shows.
  3. Use the “Fastpass” and “Switch” features for rides. Fastpass allows you to get a time assigned – one hour period – to return to the ride with little or now wait (great when lines get up to 80 minutes). The “Switch” allows one parent to go on a ride while the other minds the chickens, I mean younger ones, and then they may switch without waiting in line.
  4. Break up your day by going back to your hotel for a siesta or a swim for some downtime to revive both young and old.
  5. Get the schedules for the week for the different parks to plan your time – they will show special early and late park hours, parade and firework times, and character meeting times and places.

Give me a call, and then have a ball!