Japan with Grant

Agent Name: Grant Hurrle
Date: December 2006
Trip Location: Japan

Places visited: Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Kanazawa and Tokyo

Grant_Japan5Overall trip impression: Our journey to Japan was very enlightening and, in addition to the interesting sights, it was a pleasure to visit such a hassle-free country where tidiness and manners are given the utmost importance, watermelon viagra effect everything works, including every vending machine and every public washroom, and there are plenty of both. It all runs like very precise clockwork. Overall, we found prices in Japan to be quite comparable to those we pay in Vancouver for meals, accommodation and transportation, with only a few things notably pricier. Coffee under $3 is hard to find, and the $50 cantaloupe really does exist. A breakfast of toast and eggs, or fruit and yogurt, is a bit more than you would cialis high blood pressure side effect expect to pay (up to $10).

Favourite hotel: In Kyoto we stayed in a new wooden 12 room Japanese-style inn best generic viagra review (Ryokan Shimizu) with a surprisingly quiet location right in the heart of the city. Shoes came off and slippers on once you entered the doorway. Our room came complete with tatami mats (no cialis and prostate cancer slippers on those), kimonos, futons, and viagra online pharmacy private bath. The rate of approx $110CDN per night was very reasonable for such immaculate accommodation.


Recommended tour: Kyoto should be a must-see on any Japanese itinerary, having been the capital city for nearly 1100 years from 794 up until 1868. On our first full day of sightseeing, we focused on the Eastern quadrant of the city, where the temples, shrines, statues and pagodas are practically everywhere you turn. Our day was spent visiting several sights including the Heian Jingu Shrine, Chion-in Temple, Maruyama Park and Kiyomizu Dera, the latter in the running to be chosen as one of the “new seven wonders”. The following day we toured a few more temples in Central Kyoto, including Nishi Hongan-ji, built 1591 and the head temple of Jodo-Shin Buddhism, Higashi Hongan-ji built in1602 and the largest wooden structure in Japan, and To-ji which includes a 5 story pagoda which, at

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55 meters high, is the highest in Japan.

Travel advice: Most Japanese bank ATMs don’t accept foreign debit cards, only the Post Office ATMs. Make sure to stay in at least one Japanese guest house, ryokan, for the full cultural experience: Tatami mats, futons, slippers, communal bath.

Best time to visit: Spring is very popular due to the cherry blossoms, but fall is lovely as well because of the colourful Japanese maples and not as busy. November is a good month as it is one of the drier months of the year and temperatures around how much does viagra cost in canada 15C in central Japan make for comfortable sightseeing..