We’ll Be Your Anchor

Glide past colossal glaciers.
Navigate Europe’s meandering rivers.
Island hop the glistening Caribbean.

No other way of travelling is as romantic, as divine, as purely luxurious and easy as cruising. Your oceanside accommodation comes with you. Every meal is a gourmet experience. And every need is attended to. Travel to your ports of call in luxurious surroundings. No daily decisions about where to eat, where to stay. Simply enjoy the simplicity of being, indulging, rejuvenating, and let Forbes Travel be your anchor.

Big, Small Near or Far

Voyage the world or cruise closer to home, hop on a mega ship or revel in the intimacy of a smaller vessel. Whether for a family reunion, honeymoon or company convention,
Forbes Travel is ready to navigate you through.

We Go To The Greatest Depths

Our agents work tirelessly to secure the very best options available for you. They search for the perfect cruise ship, the ideal destination and onboard cabin that fits your style, age, interest – and budget. It’s our expertise and our pleasure.

Plus, cruise lines give us the inside track on upgrades, onboard credits, discounts and other incentives, and we pass them directly on to you, saving you time, money and worry.

Ready to get onboard?

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