Prague & Vienna with Lisbet

Name: Lisbet
Date: March 2010
Where: Prague & Vienna

Europe March 2010 049Overall impression: Prague looks like a picture from a fairy tale. Old Medieval buildings and bridges overlooked by a castle high on a hill. Vienna is a grand imperial city with wide tree lined avenues and impressive buildings with beautiful architecture.

Things to do: Walk, walk, walk. Like most European cities they are best explored on foot.

Prague: Prague has many guided walking tours almost all of which start from the Astronomical Clock in the Old Town Square. The guided tours include itineraries such as Medieval Old Town, Communism Walk, Jewish Quarter, Beer Hall Tours, Ghost Tours, Prague Venice, Superior Interiors Tour and so on. Clearly, they have made the viagra online canada overnight switch from communism to capitalism successfully.

Vienna: There are so many things to see and hear. Vienna has over 100 museums and an impressive number of concerts. The Imperial Palace in the centre is worth a visit as is the Spanish Riding School located there. The centre of the town is encircled by the Ringstrasse where trams can easily bring you from one area to the other. Shopping is also great, and when you tire, you can always visit one of Vienna’s famous coffeehouses. I also recommend a visit to the Schonbrunn Palace outside Vienna, and you can get there easily by train. It was built to rival Versailles in France and was the summer residence of the Habsburgs. Visit the private apartment of Maria Theresia which has 40 opulently decorated rooms out of the total 1441 rooms viagra vs cialis vs levitra forum in the palace.

Schonbrunn Palace

Hotels: In generic viagra online Prague we stayed at Hotel Paris, a turn of the century can you buy cialis online yahoo hotel. It is beautifully decorated with distinctive Art Nouveau elements and is located 5 minutes walk from the Old Town Square.

In Vienna we stayed at the 5 star Imperial Hotel the looks and decor of which live up to its name. It is very conveniently located on the Ringstrasse as are a number of other hotel chains.

We also visited Palais Coburg which was a private home until 2000 when an extensive restoration converted the palace to a truly unique luxury hotel. Below ground the foundation consists of a fortifying wall from the Renaissance as well as old city walls, and a labyrinth of cellars buy cialis and viagra blonde model halls. Above ground the elegant palace has been restored and decorated with a mix of old and online cialis modern. It has one of the most extensive wine collections I have seen. 60,000 bottles of wine from 4 centuries and from all important wine regions in the world are stored in 6 cellars, each dedicated to a different type of wine. It is well worth a visit.

Most memorable sight: Both cities have many beautiful sights, but I will have to say that the visit to the Jewish memorials in Prague and Vienna were the ones that stayed top school of pharmacy in canada with me the longest. In Prague almost 80,000 names are inscribed on the walls, and these are just the ones they have official records of. Seeing all the names in room after room makes a lot bigger impact than just hearing a number. In Vienna, the memorial is in a square appropriately called Judenplatz. It is a large ugly steel and concrete box sitting in the middle of a square of beautiful Baroque buildings. It looks completely out of place, but then so were the events it is in memory of. The outside of the box looks like library shelves turned inside out with the pages facing where to get viagra in singapore out. The message is lives not lived, stories not told. It is very powerful.

Astronomical Clock

Things to eat: While the food in Prague was very plentiful I would not say that it is especially sophisticated; it is however quite reasonably priced. The food in Vienna was more sophisticated and then of course there are the cakes, oh the cakes. I figured that no trip to Vienna would be completed without extensive sampling.

Travel tips: Both Prague and Vienna have international airports, but for travelling between the cities or to or from other European cities consider going by train. The train ride from Prague to Vienna took about 4 1/2 hours in a comfortable 1st class carriage, and it gave you the opportunity to relax while seeing the countryside. Though the actual flight is only about 1 hour it would probably have taken just as long to travel by air by the time you travel to the airport in Prague, arrive at the airport an hour

and a half before flight time and then travel by taxi viagra and macular degeneration to the city centre once you arrive in Vienna. By contrast, railway stations are usually centrally located in the cities which make it very convenient, and you can book the tickets before you leave from home.

Best time to travel: Spring to fall, cialis what is it but mid-summer can get very busy.